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My low content mode.

Let me show you it.

"Appalachian Grove" by Laurie Spiegel, apparently based on the same piece by Aaron Copland. Can't say as I'm familiar with the original, but I've been in love with this version since I first heard it on the OHM: MASTERS OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC compliation. That comp itself has held a special place in my heart since I got it in the last couple weeks before I left my animation job at Netter Digital back in the late spring of 2000. I used to go in early, when there were only a couple other guys there, and play this at pretty high volume (because I'm a geek, and unlike other geeks at the time, didn't want to blast THE MATRIX soundtrack to get my groove on.)

It still takes me back to quiet mornings, surrounded by desks cluttered with other people's toys and christmas lights and the feeling that this was all going to change in shorter order than perhaps anyone wanted. Indeed, Netter Digital didn't last out the summer, and went through a major layoff some six weeks after I left, shutting its doors not long after.

Granted, I'm probably the only guy who hears it anything like that.

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