Welcome to Highway 62, digital settlement for Matt Maxwell, writer, photographer and musician. You'll find a lot of work from the peripheral out here, especially in the photography and music department. The writing's a lot more straightforward, though no less individual. The best single descriptor you'll likely find is "smoky" which was applied to my early work but probably still applies even today.

Working primarily in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror, my work weaves in-between neat genre boundaries and works best in the bleed between them. STRANGEWAYS is as much noir about a man stuck between systems, neither of which he fits in or wants him; arguably BLUE HIGHWAY works a similar seam, but in a near-future setting. My short science fiction has always resided in a place between easy markers, whether it's "Tug on the Ribbon" which is a love story between a boy and lost technology or "Through the Limbs" which pokes at the industry of misery in a strange new future. Even "The Teacher," written for Blizzard Entertainment's STARCRAFT universe is as much horror as it is the hubris of humanity trying to assert control over a very alien nature.

My latest work for purchase is HIGHWAY 62 REVISITED, a collection of essays on comics and popular culture, available in both Kindle and print editions. It's the big one, pulled together from more than ten years of reviewing and writing on the popular arts, with special emphasis on horror and comic books. I used to joke about never working for free, but, well, I ended up doing a lot of that, didn't I? Ah well. Live and learn.

Here's the full list of my available titles.

Highway 62, the occasional weblog.

Background on me, Matt Maxwell, if there was any confusion.

Identify 9, from the ashes of The Roswell Incident, electric drone.

Strangeways - blood and shadows in the haunted west.

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